About Us

Welcome to Mustard Cartel!

My name is Joono and I started Mustard Cartel in 2010. I curate items for the shop that I'd personally wear and love and I very much hope you do too. Here is the headless version of me you're used to seeing on this website:

joono mustard cartel beginnings

I started this business in Orange County, CA while working my day job in finance. My love of thrifting had presented a problem: I had become a vintage clothing hoarder. So I began to sell my clothes on eBay. This turned into a beautiful, sinuous, unpredictable nine year journey.

A Timeline

2010-2012: Mustard Cartel thrives as an eBay business selling vintage women's clothing and accessories

2012: The business began moving onto college campuses all over southern California from UCI to Cal State Long Beach to UCSD as a 10'x10' booth. I would haul all my clothes, multiple clothing racks, BOXES of hangers into a borrowed minivan, arrive on campus at dawn, set up, sell my heart out for hours and make lots of friends along the way, tear down and move onto the next campus. It was exhausting but it was exhilarating and I loved every minute of it.

2013: I did it. I quit my day job *freaking out face*, launched my website, and opened my first brick and mortar pop up shop in Tustin, CA followed by my second shop in Corona, CA. I began to move into the wholesale world and sold both vintage and new clothing and accessories at my shops. It was my full time business baby!

2014: The biggest life curve ball of all, I fell in love, got married, and moved to Salt Lake City, UT. So I packed everything up, closed my shop and started a new adventure.

2014-2019: I took a five year Mustard Cartel hiatus to raise my two beautiful babies who are now 4 and 1. Being a mom is the greatest job I have ever had, hands down. But Mustard Cartel was my first baby and I thought about it often amidst the chaos of new baby sleeplessness, the constant busyness and relentlessness of being a mom.

2019: Here I am again, back with my first love of vintage clothing and the exhilaration of the art of business!




This is a collection of photos of me which I've gathered from my personal Instagram. I've worn and loved wearing vintage items from as far back as I could scroll. I wear vintage in my everyday, especially throwback tees I like to cut up and oversized boyfriend jeans (mom uniform) and vintage has been a part of falling in love, my own wedding reception, the outfit coming home from the birth of my first born, graduations, travels, and, my personal favorite, hunting down that perfect, one-of-a-kind vintage dress to wear to a wedding. Most importantly, as you can see, I do have a head.

Mustard Cartel has been on quite the journey over the years as is business and life which I hope will be an encouragement to you - it's never too late to start or finish what you've started. A sincere thank you for learning about my story and for shopping at Mustard Cartel!