When can I expect my order?

Orders are processed and shipped two business days after receiving them. If you have not received a shipping confirmation after this time frame, please email us at info@mustardcartel with your order number and your first and last name. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! Shipping rates are calculated based on the weight of your order and the delivery location.

How does sizing work?

Clothing sizes have changed over time and, for that reason, it is difficult to translate the size listed on a vintage label to your current size today. We try our best to take measurements of each piece and list them in each product's description in order to help you determine if the item will fit. Please make sure to make note of these measurements before purchasing the item as all sales are final.

Are your oversized jeans men's or women's jeans?

Many of the oversized jeans listed on our site are originally men's jeans. One way to tell is to look at the size. Most men's jeans list both a waist and inseam size number. Because we love wearing oversized, baggy fit jeans, we love searching for men's jeans. We also sell women's jeans, noted by smaller waist sizes. Either way, we try to list waist, hip, length and inseam measurements for all our jeans.

Are your items laundered?

We make sure to launder all the items that can be laundered. The only items that are not laundered are clothing made of silk, those that are dry clean only, and leather items.

How can I cut up my t-shirt into a tank top, crop top, etc?

We love cutting up vintage t-shirts into tank tops, crop tops, or even creative cuts and hope to create a video tutorial on how we do this. 

How do you tie blouses into a crop top?

We also hope to create a video tutorial on this. Please check back soon!

 Do you do collaborations?

Yes! Please reference our Collaborations/Press Inquiries page.